Net Karma Ltd Started in 2012 as a joint Canadian Operation for Bexar Tech Inc (San Antonio) and Abacus Desk Ltd ( New Delhi). The company has a rich legacy behind as both BexarTech and Abacus Desk are technology leaders in their respective demographics.

The core philosophy of Net Karma Ltd is to become the Go To technology consulting company for smaller to medium businesses. At Net Karma we believe that technology can be used to address all business challenges, be it Market Penetration, Brand Building or Business process automation. We strive to provide the consulting and services that will make you succeed in your endeavors.

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Each member of the team is dedicated to deliver the best results on time. And each member works as a partner, not an employee.

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Meet Your New Best Friends, Our Gurus.

Manu Mayank
Manu MayankDirector
Manu is an avid Redditor and is passionate about opensource. He loves to experiment with latest open source technologies and framework. Manu has over 17 years of technology consulting experience working across the globe with a lot of medium to large businesses.
Vikas Behl
Vikas BehlDirector
Vikas has over two decades of experience as a technology thought leader. He has been instrumental in powering various startups in India and is sought after for his superb customer focus.
Anne McDonald
Anne McDonaldMarketing & Sales
Anne McDonald – Is a graduate of Seneca College – Toronto, Ontario. Studied in the area of Marketing & Sales. Her belief is to put passion back into Marketing. Having a keen eye on what is most important to the customer is key!
Catherine Stryker
Catherine StrykerSales Management
Catherine brings over 25 years experience in multimedia campaign planning and execution, having enjoyed a successful career in sales management, advertising, consumer shows, and Corporate management and event planning.
Megha Ahuja
Megha AhujaGoogle Products
Megha is an authority on all Google products, She trains and helps in implementation of Google apps and AdWords. She has a background in Digital Marketing and had a deep understanding of Google Ecosystem.
Karun Bholewasi
Karun BholewasiInbound Marketing
Karun is our inbound expert, he is very thorough with his research and has a keen eye to find the best platforms. He is certified in Google Analytics and Google Adwords.
PC Vaishnav
PC VaishnavUI/UX
Prem has over 15 years of experience in understanding and delivering amazing user experiences. He is a seasoned professional with loads of patience and valuable insights.

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