Project Description



CardChoice International is one of the most commonly used merchant processing solutions providers in New Jersey. They latest technologies in monetary transaction processing solutions to a host of different businesses. Their specialty is in the health care industry and is serving a lot of doctor’s offices and medical billing companies all around the country.


CardChoice has a lot of field agents working for them who earn commissions for referring them merchant to accounts and all these are outside agents who need to be paid monthly residuals based on the sales they are able to generate. They were facing issues related to the generation and verification of the sales report and the dispatch of the correct monthly residuals.


After consulting with the clients and getting thumbs-up from them we began working on eliminating the problems they were facing. We implemented a customer relationship management solutions with an integrated tool to report residuals to CardChoice. We spent considerable time with them to get a clear picture of their requirements and drafted a strategy to bring their needs to fruition. CRM solution was designed with inputs from the CardChoice International team by keeping them involved all along the development process. Once the final project was green lit by them we efficiently updated the website so that there were no discrepancies in the sales records.