Project Description

Children's Circle Montessori School


It is a one of its kind Montessori school in GTA. Unlike most such schools, they achieve the rare balance between child care and the different activities to promote learning. It is highly recommended by parents and is held in high esteem.


Their biggest issue was communications. They were still using the old school method of communication via paper. This was time-consuming and expensive. A lot of man hours went into maintaining records and the parents too found it cumbersome to fill out paper forms.


The first advice we gave them was to go digital. They could opt for a website that would make the entire aspect of communications a lot easier and manageable. The website would consist of different sections meant for admission forms, school calendar, documents, attendance records, event permission forms and so on. There would be a bulletin board where important announcements could be made. They were happy with our suggestion and we created a custom WordPress solution for them. It also had an administrative interface that could be used to grant permissions on different levels to edit or modify the school calendar and other aspects of the website. The parents could also sign up and create their own account from which they could access all the information regarding their kids. Other sections included the waiting list for admissions and a newsletter module so that the school could send important circulars directly to the parent’s email address.