Project Description



Eli Lilly is a well-known pharmaceutical research firm. They are well known for their work because of which they have established a significant global presence.


The goal of this campaign was to get organic traffic on the Indian version of their website for contextual keywords. They wanted to create a healthy digital footprint in the second most populous country in the world.


As this project was meant to target a specific demographic and also included the stringent stipulations and strict guidelines of the pharmaceutical sector, we wanted the entire project to be carried out in a transparent manner with strict rules and ethics in place. We had to chalk out a detailed strategy on how to work on content marketing to increase the organic traffic without violating any of the codes of conduct or rules of the pharmaceutical industry. After hours of brainstorming, we came up with a strategy that we helped Eli Lily to implement and soon and we were able to improve the rankings. We achieved this making effective use of Social amplifications and earning links from credible sites among other tried and tested ways of online marketing all while honoring the rules that were set before us.