Project Description


Client is one of the most popular online supplement stores. A huge chunk of their total sale of body building supplements comes online and the own a very busy store. They achieve these high percentage of sales by using different online marketing methods such as youtube videos, Bloggers, affiliates, Adwords, etc.


They were using a redundant system based on classic ASP and since their entire store was built using this platform, they were in dire need of an upgrade and that is where the intricacies began as these upgrades involved updating the salient features of the store. An example of this was how the discounts were applied when a customer checked out. They wanted to retain these functionalities of the old website while making the store more modern and user-friendly. They also wanted to make the whole discounts and offers section more intuitive and visible.


The very first thing we did was arrange one-on-one online sessions with the client to get a clear idea of what they wanted. Once we had a clear picture of their requirement, we formulated a strategy of a step by step plan where we would update the website to a more modern platform while retaining the character of the store. We made mockups of how the upgraded website would look and presented it to the clients. Once we got the green light from them we proceeded to create a work environment on the same server without disrupting the live site. Our client was kept in the loop for every change we made and once we got the final approval from them, we updated the online bodybuilding supplement store with minimal downtime. We also improved the social media integration and automated a lot of the tasks that were previously being done manually.