Project Description



Team ride safe is a unique initiative conceptualized by two Vets from Virginia, Generally, the first few moments in a medical emergency is critical and if the first respondents had access to the patient’s medical record it would save a lot of time and lives. They went about this by creating a database of medical records that could be used by the first respondents in case of an emergency. The record will only be accessed via a code that will be imprinted on a bracelet that user can buy and wear from the online store. This became an instant hit with the equestrian community.


We created the entire online store from scratch. The store offered its users multiple options to configure the products such as the ability to choose different band colors and add custom text on the bracelet. Even n the size and font of the text could be altered. The user would then be guided to a checkout area where they would be asked to create an account. Using this account they could sign in from the secure login area. Here they would be able to add their medical information which would be accessible via their bracelet id only to the emergency first responder. We used the latest encryption methods to make it as secure as possible and every step was taken to ensure the whole venture is HIPPA compliant as it involves sensitive medical records.